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We founded Lutian together in 2002.The past decade witnessed the development of Lutian and settled its solid foundation for the future.Hereon,please allow me to deliver my heartfelt thanks to all the staff members who have contributed their intelligence and efforts to the growth of Lutian.Then,on behalf of our corporation,I want to express our gratitude to the support of all clients and friends from various circles of society.

Now,Lutian has transformed from an explorer into a leader,but we won't stop here.Lutian will devote itself to the promotion of its comprehensive competitiveness and chart a new course of the establishment of a world-class machinery company.

It is constant innovation that drives the development of Lutian.Only standing on the new horizon of leading the development of the industry and basing on the demands of customers,can we create greater benefit for our customers to realize Lutian's real value by the research and development of advanced technology and the innovation of industrial development mode.

It is harmonious mutual benefit that makes our business comply with the trend of times.Customers are the development source and greatest treasure of Lutian.We regard customers'interests as our starting point and spare no effort to offer them high quality products and professional services.In this way,we can reach the final win-win target.

It is the excellent talents that ensure our prosperous future.Since established,the greatest asset we have owned is the strong team.Therefore,we pay much attention to the care,encouragement and training of the staff all the time.The blueprint of Lutian needs more talents.So we will continue to introduce excellent staff and build a first-class management team.

       After a decade's hardwork,it's time to ride on the crest of success.Looking into the future,Lutian will ceaselessly advance,innovate,strive and make progress.We will integrate our daily operations with social responsibilities,and do our best to satisfy customers' expectations and promote the development of the industry.