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Significant increase in the main sales
Release time:2015-12-28 browse:6493
Major construction machinery product sales growth continued to improve in the first 7 months of this year, the forklift truck, loader sales decreased significantly, relatively good bulldozer and excavator, while the car crane due to capital construction investment significantly achieved a significant increase in sales. Forklift cumulative sales of units, down 34.9%, the largest decline in the load machine sales, down 31.8%; bulldozer sales 4850 units, down 16.1%; excavator sales, down 2.9%; car crane sales volume, an increase of 6.4%. major construction machinery product sales growth basically in the promotion. Excavator, truck crane sales in July year on year growth of 35.2%, 42.7%, a substantial increase over last month's growth; forklift, bulldozer fell 24.8%, 10%, and last month was essentially flat, loader fell 25.6%, the decline is far less than the level of 3~5 month.
Construction machinery exports are slow recovery in the first half, the forklift exports 15952 units, down 48.77%, 50.23% lower than the first quarter; 1126 units of auto crane exports, down 62.39%, and the first quarter was essentially flat. The first seven months accumulated, excavators, loaders accumulated export 958, 5006, 71.4%, 52.9% year-on-year decline, the rate of decline is the monthly decrease; bulldozers export 948 Taiwan, 52.9% year-on-year decline, down unknown amplitude was significantly smaller. Exports are expected to gradually return to the forklift, bulldozer sales flexibility. In the first half, forklift truck crane exports accounted for 22.5%, respectively, 8.33%, the first 7 months of bulldozer, loader and excavator exports accounted for 20% of total sales, respectively, 5.7% and 1.62%. is very obvious, forklift, bulldozer dependent on exports.
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